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CSR During Covid-19 - Some thoughts on Funds Allocation

Insights - Posted on Mar 30 , 2020

Some of you have been in touch with me, to know how best to utilize CSR funds to help alleviate the Covid-19 situation. Here is an attempt to answer some questions I was asked, after research and speaking to the right folks involved. Some examples of what companies are doing are also discussed. 

Key Trends in CSR in India: Expected Developments or Surprising Trends?

Insights - Posted on Sep 13 , 2019

Sharing a few key trends in CSR and my personal observations on it, both from a Corporate professionals and NGOs perspective. I have referred extensively to the Bains Report and CSR/NGO Box Report to get you some key statistics and my insights are gleaned from expereince

Adopt Holistic Approaches for Greater Social Impact

Insights - Posted on Aug 12 , 2019

Holistic approach to social causes is the need of the hour. Take social, economic and cultural factors into consideration while developing programs. Align with government schemes wherever possible

From Corporate to Collective Social Responsibility

Insights - Posted on Aug 12 , 2019

It is heartening to see the rising interest and compliance to the CSR mandate. Companies are realizing the value of contributing to social causes and the creation of trust and shared value.

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